“When I started reading Spirits of Southeast Alaska, I was greatly appreciative of the balance you found of story and historical information. You have wrote a great book, and I wish you the very best for future publications. I do look forward to learning much more about this mysterious little part of Alaska.”

– Barry Fitzgerald / SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters International” lead investigator / Ireland

“This book is a welcome contribution to the literature of ghost stories in the United States. While most collections of ghost stories are rife with unbounded speculation, Devereaux brightens all of these stories with the great foundation of accurate history of the places and people in them. From the Native American villages to the cities and islands where people settled during and after Russian colonization, the Gold Rush, and later the fishing industry, we explore the history and places of Alaska where people lived and died.  . . .  Well-told ghost stories are different from investigations because they ultimately need our imaginations. Who is the spirit seen? What happened to them? Why do they continue to appear to us? Mr. Devereaux, who is trained in the archaeology sciences, embraces imagination wholeheartedly in answering these questions in the stories in his book. He paints rich portraits of the places and people in Alaska, and the drama of past lives and present apparitions. He helps us visualize the people and events that may have led to these remarkable hauntings in the beautiful towns, islands mountains, and waters of the Inside Passage. And that is what makes these stories so enjoyable to read on a dark night when there is a chill in the air.”

          – David Harvey / paranormal researcher and consultant, conservator / Juneau


“There is really cool old pictures of stuff.”

– David, Josie and Charlotte / 4-year-old triplets / Chicago