Spirits of Southeast Alaska

A silhouette in the window of an abandoned building, a restless presence at the scene of a sunken ship, spectral wails and mysterious running sinks, mythical Native American legends, and other paranormal happenings come together in “Spirits of Southeast Alaska: The History & Hauntings of Alaska’s Panhandle,” to create a grand adventure into the historical hauntings of the southeastern corner of the Last Frontier.

In the recently published book from Epicenter Press, debut author James P. Devereaux focuses on 11 sites in Southeast Alaska where important historical events can be directly linked to documented, first-hand-experienced paranormal activity.

Since Alaska continues to gain steam as one of the topmost tourist destinations, the map of included stories mirrors that of the most popular cruise ship routes to help Alaska residents and travelers alike move easily through a literary journey into some of Alaska’s most famous hauntings.

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