9781935347675forwebsite-2Looking for something spooky to read this fall? On Oct. 31, 2016, Epicenter Press announced release of “Spirits of Southeast Alaska: The History & Hauntings of Alaska’s Panhandle,” by debut author James P. Devereaux.

Ghostly footsteps and flickering lights, a silhouette in the window of an abandoned building, a restless presence at the scene of a sunken ship, spectral wails and poltergeist theft of office supplies, mythical Native American legends, and other paranormal happenings scattered across the Alaskan panhandle come together in Spirits of Southeast Alaska, a grand adventure into the historical hauntings of the southeastern corner of the Last Frontier.

Devereaux lived in Alaska for years, working as an archaeologist. Inspired by ghost stories as a child, and by accounts of Alaskan residents of paranormal phenomena in the area, he set out to collect both the ghost stories of Southeast Alaska and their history.

Spirits of Southeast Alaska: $15.95, 140 pages, softbound, ISBN: 978-1-935347-67-5
Click the cover image above to learn more. Also available as an eBook!